Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

It’s not scientifically proven that blondes have more fun, but for as often as we see celebrity hair trends surrounding this bright hue, we’re inclined to believe there’s some truth to the old adage.

To help you nail down the perfect blonde for your skin tone, we tapped the experts for their favorite methods and pulled some examples you can take to your next salon visit.

Deep Skin Tones

You can be super versatile, but be cautious so it doesn’t look unnatural.

Honey blonde

Warm, platinum blonde

Olive Skin Tones

Less-is-more approach to achieving the blonde of your dreams is important for such people.

Cream blonde

Golden blonde

Subdued flaxen blonde

Fair Skin Tones

Those with fair skin that has warm undertones should lean into cool highlights to complement their skin.

Dark blonde

Cool platinum blonde