Beneficial Properties of Kiwi

Today, kiwi is considered not only one of the most delicious, but also one of the most useful berries, being a real treasury of vitamins. Nutritionist Svetlana Fus on her Facebook page explained why it is worth adding kiwi to your diet.

Kiwi is a small fruit, the average weight of the fruit is 60 g, but very valuable. It is rich in vitamins C, E and K. Vitamin C is important for the human body at any time of the year, but in the winter – spring period this is especially true. Now there is no such expanse of seasonal fruits and vegetables as in the summer. Vitamin C stimulates the immune system, taking part in the synthesis of collagen, promotes the absorption of iron.

Interestingly, they eat both green flesh and small black bones, and brown peel, which most of us throw away. Especially a lot of dietary fiber (pectin) is in the peel. Therefore, kiwi can be eaten whole. For example, add to smoothies. Be sure to wash the fruit thoroughly.

There is evidence of the healing properties of kiwi: two to three kiwi per day can be used to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Kiwi is good for vision. It contains two carotenoids, which are important for the health of our eyes and prevent age-related macular degeneration.

Source: Ivona