Beauty Trends That Will Stay in Fashion Forever

Every week new beauty trends appear on Instagram. Some of them remain in the top for a long time, while others are forgotten after a couple of weeks. But still there is nothing better than the eternal classics. We’ll tell you what beauty techniques in makeup will remain trendy even after 10 years.


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No matter how beautiful your eyes are, your face tone should be 100% worked out. No wonder the trend for the so-called make-up without makeup has recently gained popularity. There is nothing better than a fresh and rested face. And the foundation will help with this. To find the right shade, with natural light, apply it to the chin line and see how it suits you.


Arrows – a win option that does not go out of fashion for thousands of years. Depending on the shape, color and brightness of the arrow, it will fit any appearance, image and format of the event. A small “soft” feathered arrow will make the image more accurate and suitable for a day make-up. Graphic arrows will make the look more expressive and perfectly fit into the evening look.


Not one fashion show of past and future seasons is complete without Smokey. It is this technique that will add riddles to your image and make your eyes languid and sexy. BLUSH Many girls neglect the blush and prefer contouring, but in vain. Use peach shades of blush – they suit everyone and refresh the image.


You can go to the salon to do extensions, you can do lamination, or you can just use your favorite mascara! It can be brown during the day, and coal black in the evening. In addition, the voluminous and fluffy eyelashes will replace full eye makeup.