Beauty Products Kim Kardashian Actually Uses

In an interview, Kim Kardashian West has detailed her comprehensive beauty routine, revealing every product she swears by – from the $1000 moisturiser to the $37 concealer. Here are some of them.

Guerlain ‘Orchidée Impériale Black Cream’, $1,115

Kardashian says she is obsessed with thick moisturiser like Guerlain.

La Mer ‘The Revitalizing Hydrating’ serum, $340

Kim likes to travel with La Mer, as La Mer has the best travel-size products.

KKW Beauty Creme Contour and Highlight Kit’, $62

Naturally, Kardashian West is a fan of contour, and uses her own KKW Beauty stick every day – no matter what.

Olaplex hair treatments

Kim says she puts Olaplex on her hair since it’s been bleached.

Source: Vogue