Are You in Healthy Relations?

How to understand that everything is fine in the relationship? Firstly, you should trust your intuition – it usually does not tell a lie. Secondly, check the symptoms presented by Grazia magazine, which testify to healthy relationships.

You don’t worry when he meets friends or when he is alone.

You believe that he makes the right decisions and does not endanger your relationship. You sleep before he’s back, and you do not require a written report every ten minutes.

You do not need to access his phone․

When he is in the bathroom, you do not run to check his smartphone to read correspondence or view photos. You are sure that there is no crime in it.

You support one another.

That’s why you do not even have to be physically close to each other. In the toxic relationship, the partner constantly demands to be present “here and now,” and in a healthy relationship, the phone conversation is enough.

You do not argue about details

Without a doubt, it is impossible not to argue. However, when you throw garbage, you never quarrel, because it’s senseless.

You are grateful for the nice details

None of you is offended for thankful words or actions. You don’t keep silent about your love.

You organize datings

Yes, yes, genuine dating without children: meal, candlelight, time together.

He easily makes you laugh

And you, him. You know how to continue his expressions, you like the same jokes. You even laugh at your weaknesses.

Sex is a pleasure to you

Everything can change after the honeymoon. But you still love what you do.
You can be yourself