Anti-Trends of Winter 2020

Winter is coming, and fashion dictates its rule for the new season. However, we are not going to talk about new trends of winter 2020, but about things that would be better to get rid of. Olga Malyuga, a stylist, image maker and founder of the IVOLGA women’s clothing brand, talked about things that are definitely not worth wearing anymore.

Fur Clothing

Fur clothing has lost its relevance. Instead faux fur clothing is becoming trendy. Even Queen Elizabeth has completely refused to wear fur.

Shapeless Sweaters

Despite the fact that loose-fitting clothing is considered trendy this season, shapeless things should not be left in your wardrobe. When choosing knitted clothes, pay attention to broad models that are not hanging down or fitting too tight.

Sweater Dresses

This fashion trend has already gone out of style. You can replace it with knitwear that looks very elegant.

Skinny Jeans

Everyone’s favorite skinny jeans have lost their relevance. Replace them with high- waisted straight mom jeans.