Anger Can Lead to Excess Weight Gain

Anger is not just screaming and being in a bad mood, and its influence on us can be much more serious than an argument and a spoiled evening. One of the side effects is excess weight gain.

We all can be angry from time to time. But being constantly in this state can be detrimental for your weight.

Anger manifests itself not only in our emotional state, but also in the chemical processes of our body. When we get angry, adrenaline is released, and after the adrenaline level decreases, we feel the need to replenish the lost energy and we start to crave and eat food. But due to the fact that we are anxious, this can lead to us resorting to emotional and mindless eating. This means that we could eat something that’s not good for us.

Anxiety increases stress. Because of this, the level of the hormone cortisol increases. In addition to being harmful to the heart and blood pressure, it also affects our weight.

Cortisol converts blood sugar to fat and inhibits digestion. And as a result it leads to weight gain.

Source: brightside