Accessory Trends of 2020

Obviously, if we had unlimited income, investing in each and every one of the season’s best trends would be a non-issue. However, because of a few tiny little things like rent and bills, that’s not really an option.

But there are other ways to get in on a new season’s boldest trends without blowing your budget. The answer: accessories.

Python prints (

2019’s most unapologetically cool animal print also happens to look great worn as a bag.

Headbands   (

Make this olive headband your new weekend staple.

Fringe embellishments  (

Experiment with the Western trend via this black fringe bag.

White footwear  (

This chic pair would go nicely with a jean jacket and floral midi dress.

Combat boots  (

A pair of grunge boots is the low-key coolest way to welcome the colder months of the year.