New Zealand Best Dairy Brand Is Already in Armenia

Bibicall brand represents formulas made from New Zealand raw goat milk. It is the closest in its composition to breast milk and is suitable for feeding babies. interviewed Karine Sargsyan, a representative of Bibicall in Armenia, who represented the key advantages of the brand and talked about the specifics of using the product.

Thanks to its unique production technology, Bibicall’s product retains all the original milk benefits. According to Karine, mothers can use the Bibicall adapted formulas without hesitation as they are closest to breast milk and do not cause allergic reactions at all. They are being prepared very quickly and have a pleasant smell. Bibicall products are suitable for children, as well as nursing mothers and pregnant women.


Experience has shown that infants enjoy eating Bibicall products and sleep well, and the special nutrients in the composition help to promote the growth and development of healthy and active children.

With Bibicall, you can forget about the diathesis and colic and other frequently encountered health problems that usually occur during formula-feeding. Bibicall products prevent constipation and promote digestion.