Makeup Techniques That Disguise the Lack of Sleep

Even if you have not slept at all, these simple tricks will help you look like you’re just out of a vacation!

Start with the eyes

In the crease of the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye, put a shadow, a couple of tones darker than the natural color of the skin. For the rest of the eyelid, apply matte shadows a little lighter than the skin. And put a little shimmering shadows in the inner corner of the eye. Do not forget about mascara!

Disguise the bruises

If there are dark circles under the eyes, use a corrector with a pronounced yellow hue, it will perfectly compensate for the blue. Apply thin layers, adding a little to avoid the effect of the mask.

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Increase the eyes

Emphasize the narrow strip between the eyelashes and the eye with a pencil of natural shade. It will make the eyes bigger and disguise the redness of the eyelids.

Use primer

Best of all – with the effect of radiance, it will even out the skin and give it a fresh look.

Apply lipstick

Distract attention from swollen red eyes with the help of bright lipstick: a trivial, but effective!

Avoid using tone foundation

No, this is not a joke: a dense coating will only emphasize the rumpled look. It is better to take a moisturizing cream and add a couple of drops of tone cream: the look will be more fresh and natural.

Add Eyelashes

Even strongly swollen eyes will look perfectly normal, if you add a few overheads to your eyelashes.

Work on Your Eyebrows

And not with a pencil, but with shadows, to make them more expressive. The darkest shadows are on the edge, lighter – in the middle of the eyebrow.