7 Things in Home That Cause Fatigue

These seven completely harmless and common things in your home can cause sleep disorders and even chronic fatigue.


The mess of your home keeps your brain constantly in tension. The constant stress, even when it’s so insignificant, leads to nervous exhaustion and a sense of fatigue. Dedicate one day a week to the home cleaning in order to correct this situation. It can be Sunday.

Blue Walls

American experts have studied 2,000 different houses with blue color bedrooms, and have noted that it is a calming color that can slow down heart work and cause low pressure.


Television, or, more precisely, a habit of sleeping in front of it may cause a feeling of weakness and drowsiness. The fact is that the blue circle of visible radiation suppresses production of the drug, which is responsible for healthy fatigue and sleep. As a result, the dreams become fragile and superficial, which causes fatigue in the morning.

Flavored candles

Do not underestimate the effect of aromatherapy. For example, candles with lavender scent or other “seductive” smell can cause drowsiness and dizziness in the day.

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Always closed shutters and thick curtains

In order to avoid tiredness and sleepiness in the evening, open the curtains and shutters to let the natural light enter the home.

Cold room

It is known that the cold shower is refreshing, but on the contrary, the cold rooms may cause drowsiness ad fatigue. That’s why try to keep the room cold just a few hours before bedtime.