7 Must-do Steps a Week Before Your Wedding Day

So, you’re getting married in a week! You will have so much to do, so we’re going to simplify your beauty needs and create a manageable plan for you in the week leading up to your big day.

The “Easy Weddings” website has presented the your must-do list before your wedding day.

Get a massage!

Go get dipped in mud, get a whole body wrap and then finish it off with a super relaxing massage session.

Get your hair did!

If you need a trim…. anywhere, get that and any body-waxing out of the way. Legs, arms, whatever! If you need your hair cut or coloured, do it a few days out so you have time to correct it should you not be 100% happy with how it turns out.

Exfoliate…. everything

Get some Frank body scrub out (or make your own sugar scrub at home) and get your skin glowing! Get in the bath and go to town, removing all of those dead skin cells. Use a pumice stone on your feet.

Get a tan

If you like to have that golden glow about you, then go ahead and get a tan.

Now time to get your claws done

Get your mani/pedi done if you intend on having sparkling nails.

Drinks loads of water

Make sure this week especially, you’re drinking heaps of water! Because water will nourish your skin and body and that way you won’t be drinking only champagne the entire time!

Get your beauty sleep

Get some much-needed shut-eye this week, as we all tend to lose a little sleep when stressed about our wedding.