5 Worst Foods to Eat for Your Skin

You could have a very detailed skincare regimen with all the best and buzziest products, but chances are your skin won’t be at its best if you don’t make some healthy eating choices at the same time. Skincare isn’t just about what you put on your face, but also what you put in your body. While there is still more research needed to be done on the effects of food on the skin, some studies and experts believe there are some foods that are associated with good skin and others that might worsen skin conditions or promote aging.

Sugary foods

Sugary foods (like candy, but also other sweets) might lead to skin aging.

White bread

Foods like white bread, white rice, and potatoes are high on the glycemic index, which might spell problems for your skin—in particular, acne.


Some studies have found that milk has been linked to acne, but there is still more research that needs to be done to fully confirm it. Some experts believe that the hormones in milk cause inflammation, which in turn clogs your pores.

Saturated fats

saturated fats—like fatty beef, cheese, and butter—may cause acne.

Salt-laden foods

Salt-laden foods can dehydrate you, causing your skin to dry out.

Source: whowhatwear.com