5 Tricks to Help You Get What You Want From Your Husband

How to convince a husband to do what you want? These 5 psychological tricks will help you.

Ask for more than you want

The effect works almost always if the person is interested in you. At first, you will most likely be refused. But, by giving timeyour husband, you will get what you want. Psychologists say that the method works in 95% of cases. The person you are asking will respond himself and offer a little less than you requested, but more than you originally intended.


Your flattery must be true, otherwise it can do more harm than good. If your husband has high self-esteem, then you have more chances for success. But if it is low, then this method may be ineffective. Such people usually see trick and deception in any positive aspects.


Do you want your husband to agree to what you ask for? Then copy him. Try to imagine to attract every personyou need.

Ask when he istired

When your husband is tired, he is more receptive to all requests. The reason for this is that a tired person is exhausted not only physically, but also psychologically. So if your husband came tired from work, he will easily agree to your request.


Scientists have discovered that when people nod while listeningto someone, they are more likely to agree with him. Try to use this technique in communication with yourhusband. Try to start nodding in the conversation by yourself, and, as you will see, yourhusband will automatically do the same. This method works on the principle of imitation.