5 tips to choose a good face tonic cream

A face tonic cream can work true miracles. It evens out the tone, makes the skin brighter, conceals small flaws and wrinkles, gives the skin a healthy look. If you want the tone cream to work properly, you should select the tone that really fits your skin color.

Aging skin

If you want to hide the wrinkles and give the skin a fresh and bright look, makeup experts advise to choose a tonic cream that has a softening and lubricating effect. When selecting a lubricant, one should pay attention to its composition. It should contain A, B, C vitamins.

Ordinary skin

If you have regular skin, you should choose a tonic cream that contains vitamins and minerals.

Dry skin

It is recommendable to choose a tonic cream without powder effects. It should contain E and A vitamins and hyaluronic acid.

Oily skin

The eternal problem of women with oily skin is an extremely oily shine on the face. Makeup professionals advise you to choose a tonic cream that has a visible viscous effect. Choose a tonic cream that does not contain oils.

Combination skin

Those with a combination skin should pay attention to the composition of the tonic cream. It should definitely contain oils. Don’t be afraid: they increase the fat content of the problematic parts of the skin and prevent peeling.