5 Signs that he Loves you

Whenever we like someone we always try to understand whether our feelings are mutual. Let’s try to  explore some signs so that we can find answers to our questions.

Sign 1

He responds quickly to your text messages, and the answers are extensive

When you’re in love, the minutes seem to be hours for you, and waiting for the message on the online platform is a cruel challenge. When he receives  your message, he will count the seconds to answer it back. If he does not respond quickly, do not be frustrated, there are cases when he doesn’t answer you intentionally, so you will wait  for his answer.

Sign 2

Mirroring  your movements

It is known that we instantly connect  with those who has similarities, same interests and ideas. A person who loves you will subconsciously try to mirror  your movements in order to have something in common with you.

Sign 3

He tries to be close to you, and he goes wherever you go.

As we love someone, we always want to be with them, to be around them, to see them, to listen to them. That is why always pay attention to whether he is in your surrounding, and If you notice it frequently, then know that it is not accidental, it’s just he likes you  very much.

Sign 4

When you talk with each other, he leans forward to you.

When we are interested in someone and want to have a conversation with that person, we always lean forward while talking. Keep in mind this fact, and the next time you speak, pay attention to his  body language , and you will know whether he is interested in you or not.

Sign 5

He always honestly compliments you because you are always perfect in his eyes.


There is not much to say about this. Even if you have a  mixed hairstyle or you have a stunning look, you are always beautiful for him.

Also, pay attention to the content of the compliments, if the compliments are more about your characteristics, behavior, or what you say, it means that he always pays great attention to your inner world. Such compliments are: “You are so kind”, “You are so beautiful while you laugh”, “You are so funny”, etc.

With the signs mentioned above, you can now more clearly understand his feelings. But always keep in mind that everyone is different if he does not do the things that are mentioned above, do not be frustrated, maybe he’s a little shy or he has a cold personality, but we’ll talk about it later.