5 Shades of Lipsticks That Repel Men

All women choose outfits, hairstyles and make-up to please their men. Sometimes, to charm a man they choose clothes, make-up and manicure that are too bright and extravagant and only repel men. Today we will talk about lipsticks that have fallen into the male black list. If you want to charm a man, then in any case, do not choose these lipstick shades.

Dark red lipstick

Yes, everyone’s favorite bordeaux and wine lipstick can scare your man off. According to men, dark shades of red lipstick look a little scary (especially if you are sitting in a restaurant and the lipstick starts to blur on your lips).

Black lipstick

According to men, black lipstick is also in the “black list” of lipsticks. Despite the fact that these shades are considered very fashionable this season, it is better to put them in a far corner or use only for a themed party. Black lipstick on a date will look awkward and scare your man.

Sequins and glitter

A fashionable shiny lipstick with glitter is also not suitable for dating a man. Your lips will look very catchy, and if the man wants to kiss you, the lipstick will cause him unpleasant and rather strange sensations.

Coral lipstick

Men can seldom distinguish the shades of colors, so, if the lipstick is plum, for them it’s purple. The same is with the coral shade, which men associate with orange.

All shades of purple

Fuchsia, lilac, ultraviolet – all these shades of lipsticks fall into the stop list. Want to charm your man, then use natural and light shades of lipsticks. Well, if your task is to push away the man, then bright and rich shades of lipsticks are your option!

Source: otvetnavse