5 Secrets of Meghan Markle’s Hair Care

After marriage, Prince Harry’s beloved, Megan Markle, is in the spotlight of paparazzis. Now every step of Sussex’s duchess is being discussed all over the world.
If her dresses change depending on the event, her hair remains the same elegance. But how does she care about her hair? Duchess’s personal hairdresser tells how Megan cares about her hair.

She soften hair with oils

She regularly uses special hair oils, to look them beautiful. The most favorite oil of Harry’s wife is olive oil. It simultaneously restores the dry ends, softens, nourishes and shines hair.

The right washing of hair

One of the most important parts of hair care is the right washing. Megan Markle’s hairdresser advises twice to wash hair, first time to hold skin oil, to clean the skin dust and then to provide cleanness during the second wash.

Uses hair conditioners

In order to have a lot of leeks, it uses a softening and nourishing conditioner for hair that removes the softness and porosity of the hair.

Uses dry shampoo.

As the Megan’s hairdresser tells you, using your dry shampoo, your hair will last longer. Hair rests on styling items.

Megan Markle prefers lighter hairstyles, which do not use lacquer and other fixing items.

The duchess is convinced that if she does not use them on her hair, the hair will be more healthy.