5 Psychological Reasons Why You are Overweight

A way to attract attention or avoid feelings of guilt? Let’s understand together why you suffer from extra pounds.

You avoid sexual intimacy

Of course, it is not accidental. You are simply controlled by subconscious fears: deep down you are afraid of intimacy with a man, and your subconscious mind chooses to be “fat and ugly” in order to avoid male attention at all. This hidden fear could have appeared in youth – when you were afraid to get pregnant – or it is the result of an unsuccessful relationship, after which your subconscious mind decided to end the relationship with men. And start with the cake.

You are too responsible

A small fragile woman is not always able to cope with all the burden of cares that she takes on herself. Work, husband, children, parents, everyday life, problems of girlfriends … To endure all this load, the subconscious mind is included in the work and does not come up with anything better than to gain extra pounds. So it turns out that hyperactivity is one of the most common psychological reasons for weight gain in our time.

You are striving to benefit

Let’s be honest: excess weight is a disease. And during the illness you are cared for, looked after, sympathized with. And you decide that this is not a bad way to get what you need from others. You use extra pounds to feel like a victim, justify life’s failures, get support from relatives. Such a cunning manipulation at the cost of your own health.

You punish yourself with food

Pangs of conscience before children, husband or parents. Rejection of oneself as a person, hatred of one’s own body. All that for which you do not love yourself, gives rise to an unconscious desire to punish yourself. But scourging yourself on the naked back is too much, so you choose food as punishment. You are ready to gain weight, to endure the ridicule of others, to hate your own reflection. “So let it be,” you whisper to yourself and reach for another cake.

You compensate for the lack of positive emotions

«Stress eating” is one thing. Trying to fill the emotional void with the help of a full stomach is another. This is really scary, because it happens absolutely unconsciously. Emotions also have a “taste”: for example, love and compassion are something sweet. Therefore, when you do not have enough of these emotions, you can find yourself on the couch in an embrace with a box of cookies. Deficiency of love is dangerous not only in childhood, but also in adult life; it can bring big problems. And it’s not just about the love of a partner, you do understand.

Source: Lisa.ru