5 Outfit Trends of This Spring

Spring is the time for creative style solutions. We present you the main outfit trends of this season.


A classic wardrobe item that has migrated into fashion straight from the golf course. And this shirt is returning to our wardrobe in a variety of ways. It can be worn over the dress, or with a strict classic suit. The choice is yours.

Long Denim Skirt

Denim, as always, does not lose its position. In spring, collect total looks in a variety of shades, and be sure to include a denim skirt in the image. Strict slit pencils or a flared midi length model are perfect for spring.

“Alcoholic” T-shirt

Do not even think that we offer to wear it with ripped jeans. On the contrary, we offer to combine it with luxurious evening skirts, shorts with rhinestones and classic trouser suits. A simple dense cotton is perfect for pomposity and glamor.

Wrap Skirt

With the advent of a new wave of love for ruffles and lace, tender feelings for a variety of skirts also returned. Including, wraparound skirts come out onto the arena, revealing a coquettish view of your long legs.

Huge Black Trench

We are sure that the classic sand trench coat has long settled in your wardrobe. It’s time to switch to the heavy artillery of the 1990s – a huge black cloak over the floor.

Source: GraziaMagazine