5 Most Fashionable Headdresses of the Fall

Headdresses perform not only the function of protecting your hair from temperature changes, but are also considered a fashion accessory off-season. With the onset of autumn, you can put straw hats further away, because they are replaced by more stylish headwear.


If you have plans to look not only stylish, but feminine, then we propose you to buy a beret  this fall. This fall the eternal classic of French chic – beret – will again be in fashion. Try wearing a beret with turtlenecks, classic dresses, trench coats, silk blouses and strict shirts.


For several seasons in a row this hat remains in fashion. And all because it is universal, practical and suitable for absolutely any style and image. This fall, stylists recommend choosing a scarlet, cappuccino or neutrally colored kartuz. Wear such a headdress with trouser suits, trench coats, jackets and a long coat.


If you want to look elegant this fall, then choose a classic wide-brimmed velvet hat. It can be harmoniously combined with casual-style and evening dresses.


A headscarf is one of the most feminine and versatile accessories in a woman’s wardrobe that you can imagine.It can instantly make the image more refined and expensive, add a peculiar chic, as well as femininity and mystery. Wear a headscarf with trench coats, coats, jackets.


Summer has already ended, but the stylists offer us to wear this fashionable hat a couple of weeks in the fall. And all because this headpiece perfectly protects the hair from temperature changes and also harmoniously combines with leather or denim jackets.

Source: Ivona