5 Items in Your Wardrobe, Which Will Give Away Your Complexes

Psychologists claim that the predominance of certain items in the wardrobe can indicate a particular fear or complex of their possessor. Do you want to know what these things are? Then our article is for you.

Elongated leather jacket

Such jackets are usually worn by women who are unhappy with their figure. They try to hide their excess weight and bulging belly. In fact, this is not the most effective choice. We assure you that the shortened jacket will do it much better and make you look more fashionable.

Ultra-thin jeans

If a girl wears over-tight clothes that emphasize the shortcomings of the figure, this indicates her fear to accept her actual weight. Subconsciously denying the irrelevance of such clothes with lush parameters, she calms herself by the fact that she can squeeze into a small size. Whereas putting on a mom jeans would create a much more harmonious image.

Outerwear neutral shades

If a girl has not worn anything for the last five years, other than jackets of exclusively black, gray or brown color, this most likely speaks of her desire to merge with the crowd, to hide from the views and become invisible. Insecurity in this case is obvious. But in fact, you can not hide from yourself. And allowing yourself to experiment sometimes is even useful.

Sporty style

A girl, who wears only sporty clothes, is probably afraid that she will be considered a typical female representative. And the thing is that she is sure that she does not fit into stereotypes and is closer to men in her way of thinking. But the fear of showing one’s femininity does not make her attractive in the eyes of men. And a romantic dress, suitable for her style, would be a much better choice.

High Heels

If a girl always wears high heels, it indicates her fear of being unnoticed by men and low height complexes. Often the choice of high heels also speaks of low self-esteem. So do not torment yourself with everyday exhausting marathons on heels. It is better to give preference to comfortable but no less feminine shoes.