5 Fashionable Shirts to Wear to the Office in the Fall

A shirt is one of the main basic clothes for every woman. We can not imagine office and business style without a white shirt, so most often this outfit is associated with that style. If you want to look fashionable in the fall, you need to know which shirts will be the most popular in 2018.

Shirt with a print

If you are tired of monotonous shirts, a shirt with a print will be an excellent substitute for them. This fall, pay attention to stripes, flower prints, which are not very striking, but look very stylish.

V-shaped shirt

If you are the owner of a beautiful neck, but a small bust, then your version for the fall is a V-neck shirt. Choose a shirt of pastel and neutral shades in the office. And it is better to wear it with flared trousers, a plisse՛ skirt, light jeans and culottes.

Assymetric shirt

For a more interesting look, wear an assymetric shirt. Stylists recommend wearing such a shirt model with straight trousers, culottes and flared jeans.

Shirt with a collar

You probably remember that at school this shirt was the most popular option. Now in 2018, a shirt with a collar is back in fashion. Try wearing this shirt with trench coats, elongated jackets in combination with straight trousers or a pencil skirt.

Oversize white shirt

In the fall of 2018, give preference to voluminous white shirts that do not hinder movement. White shirts like pastel shades, so the pants or skirts should be gray, beige, black or brown – they are all suitable for an office image.

Source: Ivona