5 Bags That Will Be the Most Fashionable in The New Season

In late August, we say goodbye to baskets, bags of bamboo and rattan shoppers. So, what will come to replace them? “Grazia” periodical has presented the bags that will soon be considered the most stylish.

Crocodile Leather

One of the hottest innovations in autumn is the crocodile leather bag. It is important for it to be laminated and shiny and with buckets and scales. These bags can be combined with soft wool jackets.

Blue Bags

Light blue is one of the main colors of this autumn. These color bags are successful as they will become the color accents of autumn black spots. Also, they may be easily combined with almost all the basic colors and will guarantee happy mood in the gray fall season.

Big bags

The small bags, which fit only a bank card and a phone, will be replaced by large bags which may fit even laptops.

“Predator” bags

The upcoming autumn will be remembered as the “leopard era.”

Helmet Bags

Helmet bags have not been able to get out of circulation yet, and they are still fashionable. These bags are great solution for girls who like big and long jackets.