4 Notes in Female Fragrances That Scare Men Away

Do you want to check if men like your scent? Read our article and never use these four notes.


The aroma that a man inhales causes him certain associations. And some notes do not always remind about the pleasant. So, the scent of roses evokes memories of flower beds and grandmother’s beds. Therefore, if you yourself like floral aromas, choose the best orange or jasmine flowers, which have long won fame as love traps for men.


Lavender, to our regret, does not at all attract the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Moreover, this note in the composition of the perfume can cause hostility. Try to replace it with flowers of tuberose. Believe me, men just lose their heads when they smell it.


Chamomile tea and a warm blanket are also not the most desirable associations for men at the sight of a woman. If you want your cavalier to perceive you as an attractive lady, and not as a caring aunt, try using osmanthus as the dominant note. This flower exudes one of the most fascinating smells that will turn the head of any man.


The smell of iris can be called a retro-scent. This dry powdery component was usually added to the perfumes of our mothers and grandmothers. Perhaps that is why it does not seem to be sexually attractive to modern men. The pure scents of the new generation, for example, muskenon deltra, muskanson dextr, muscon will be an excellent alternative, and will act better than any aphrodisiac.