3 Unexpected Signs That You Have High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very common condition that often goes undiagnosed especially among women. Considering that high blood pressure doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease, you might want to recognize the symptoms ahead of time. Undetected high blood pressure is very risky due to the affected not being able to get appropriate treatment, writes the tors came up with few tips that will help you recognize the issue and know when to seek treatment.

Bloated With Not Much Result in the Bathroom

bloating problems
bloating problems

As high blood pressure is often linked with kidney disease as well as diabetes, some people may experience bloating combined with decreased urination as a symptom. Many people first discover they have high blood pressure when their potty habits change. Try to pay attention to your own habits and take note when you notice changes.

Issues With Your Vision

vision problem
vision problem

If you’re experiencing blurry vision or any sudden shift in vision consider checking in with your eye-doctor. High blood pressure often affects the blood vessels in your eyes which in turn affect your vision. This is why routine eye exams are important thing you should consider trying.

Hard Time Keeping Your Balance

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Feelings of dizziness and inability to keep your balance are often linked to being warning signs of a stroke caused by high blood pressure. Keep in mind if the dizziness is connected with something obvious like standing up too fast, you have nothing to worry about.