3 Colors to Look Younger

If you find yourself in looking for ways to appear younger than you really are, there are so many ways to virtually stop time.

Celebrity stylist Andrew Gelwicks insists that color plays such an important role in your wardrobe – almost as important as the actual clothing itself. He also shared which color to definitely avoid: “If you’re hoping to look younger, the absolute color to avoid is black since it’s too severe. If you want to experiment with looking younger, start out with reds, pinks, and purples. They all have a youthful vibrancy to them that is widely recognized.”


Red is everyone’s favorite power color, so it comes as no surprise that it is pointed out as one of the best colors to wear to look younger.

Bright pink

The chicest over-40 celebrities prove that when it comes to wearing pink (with the goal of looking truly ageless), bold is better.

Lilac Purple

Purple is a slightly less obvious choice for achieving an age-defying appearance, but as Selma Hayek and Chrissy Teigen are showing us, lilac purple hues definitely do the trick.

Source: whowhatwear.com