10 Perfume Secrets That Everyone Should Know About

There is a saying: “Who owns the smell, he owns the hearts of people.” Perfume is really capable of much: it can become your means of self-expression, pleasure or seduction. You just have to find your own fragrance.

Choose perfume only when you feel good

Before you go to the store, listen to yourself. If you feel that you caught flu or you have headache, it’s better to put off a fragrant shopping until better times.

Let the fragrance unfold

After trying the perfumes, apply them directly to the skin and wait a while. The fact is that immediately after applying the concentration of the fragrance is very high. 5 minutes – the optimal time for the fragrance to unfold, and you will be able to evaluate it completely.

Don’t be afraid to feel the fragrance on yourself

Many girls are sure: if they feel the scent on themselves, then it does not suit them. We hasten to destroy this myth! In reality, t’s great if you “hear” the fragrance and get pleasure from it.

Apply perfume only to the skin

During the day, our clothes absorb a large amount of external odors, which, when interacting with perfume, can radically change its sound. In order to most accurately assess the fragrance, you need to apply a few drops on your wrist and wait a couple of minutes. Moreover, each person has his own individual smell, which in combination with perfume creates a unique aroma.

Know the measure

Use perfume is not more often 1-2 times a day. Some are used to putting perfume after leaving work or before an important meeting. In such situations it is important to remember those who are around. Taste preferences are different for each individual, and too sharp a smell can put your interlocutor in an embarrassing situation.

Use different methods of applying

If you want the aroma to be daisy, apply on the neck and on the hair. You can also drizzle with perfume into the air and go through the “cloud” that was created.

Follow the rules of storage

It is very important to properly store perfume. The ideal option is a dark and cool, but open air place. If it seems to you that the perfume began to sound differently, as before, put the bottle in the refrigerator.

Do not grind perfume after applying

Many girls rub their hands together after applying perfume on their wrists, believing that the fragrance will better penetrate into the skin. This is an erroneous opinion, because of friction the smell “breaks” and its sound drastically changes. The fragrance has certain notes that open with time.

Mix and experiment

If we are talking about a targeted blending of several flavors, then you need to follow the rule: light smells should be mixed with the light ones, and heavies – with heavy ones.

Do not rely on age / season / advice from others

Perfume is like a second skin, and you should feel comfortable with it. A specialist can tell you how fragile the fragrance is, what basic notes it has, but you will wear it. So the choice is just for you!

Source: Grazia