10 Interesting Facts About Kissing

Kisses are considered to be a maneuver and romantic love act, during which couples exchange with their warmth, passion, and desires. We present 10 interesting facts about kissing.

  1. Kissing with a beloved person can convey a sense of comfort that you may feel while yoga or meditation.
  2. According to sexologist Awa Kadel, you can achieve to orgasm with help of the kiss without having any sexual stimulus.
  3. During the kiss, about three hundred different bacterias are transmitted from person to person, but almost all of them are harmless.
  4. According to research, 66% of people kiss with closed eyes, the rest prefer to have fun following the change of emotions in their faces.
  5. During the kisses, 29 facial muscles move. Kisses can be used as a training for always young look.
  6. According to the average statistical data, women are kissing 7-9 times with different men, before they get married.
  7. Mainly kissing people bend their heads to the right.
  8. In average, people spend two weeks of their lifetime on kissing.
  9. Fast and romantic kiss helps to lose 2-3 calories, while the French kiss helps to lose 5 calories.
  10. Love kisses stop the stress and panic hormones.